If you want to increase resident retention and attract potential tenants, consider incorporating high-end features into your apartment building. These 9 luxury residential apartments features can make your tenants feel more comfortable and at home. Here are some ideas for amenities:

Top-Notch Amenities To Make Living Efficient In An Apartment 

The purpose of any amenity is to provide your residents with something useful. The following high-end apartment features can make life easier for those who live there, from having pet-friendly spaces to intelligent thermostats.

Golf Simulator

A virtual golf simulator is one of the most luxurious amenities that high-end apartments can offer. While it may not be a common amenity, if you believe your current or potential residents would enjoy it, it can be a unique and exciting feature to provide. This amenity may be beautiful for residents in areas where golf courses are scarce, and they may be willing to pay a premium for access. Assess your residents' preferences and determine if this high-end amenity is a worthwhile investment for your property.

A Private Spa

A private spa is the epitome of luxury amenities. It is a feature that most residents would undoubtedly appreciate. This high-end apartment amenity can house entire massage rooms, a heated pool, and a steam room. You can collaborate with an established spa to open an exclusive location within your building or create your own. Regardless of your approach, providing this amenity would fulfill many residents' dreams.

Retail and Service Establishments within the Apartment Building

In-building retailers and services are high-end amenities that distinguish your property from others. For example, consider adding a coffee shop like Starbucks on the ground floor of your building, which would appeal to residents who enjoy morning coffee. You could also approach retailers such as hair salons, juice bars, or Trader Joe's and request that they open an exclusive location in your building. This feature can give your residents the feeling of living in luxury, making it an excellent option.

Fast Wi-Fi Connection

In today's digitally connected world, high-speed Wi-Fi has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Therefore, it is essential for apartment buildings to provide residents with a reliable Wi-Fi connection not only in their units but also in common areas such as cooking spaces, gyms, lounges, and conference rooms. It ensures that residents can stay connected with the world, work remotely, stream media content, and enjoy seamless online gaming experiences without any disruptions. Furthermore, by providing this amenity, apartment building owners can attract and retain tech-savvy residents who value the convenience and flexibility of a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Pet-Friendly Allowance 

If you're looking to attract and retain pet owners as residents, offering pet-friendly amenities can be a great way to differentiate your property from others. One popular option is to create a private dog park within the building. It allows pet owners to exercise their furry friends without leaving the property. It's also great for pet owners to connect with other residents who share their love of animals.

Another luxurious pet-friendly amenity that you could consider is a pet spa. While this option can be more expensive to implement, it can be a massive perk for pet owners living on your property. A pet spa can include grooming stations, bathing areas, and pet massages. This amenity can help your residents save time and money by eliminating the need to take their pets to an off-site groomer. It can also serve as a gathering spot for pet owners to bond with each other and their furry companions.

Shared Workspaces 

A great shared workspace can be beneficial to residents who work remotely. Provide more than just desks and printers by offering snacks, conference rooms, and an espresso bar.

Smart Home Features 

Smart homes and apartments are becoming increasingly popular. Offering innovative amenities like smart thermostats, locks, and light switches will make your property stand out and appeal to tech-savvy tenants.

Resident Related Activities

Many residents would love access to a gym or pool in their building. Consider offering fitness classes, a yoga studio, or a lap pool. A lap pool and a lounging pool can cater to a broader range of tenants.

Sports Facilities Tennis or basketball courts can be great amenities for residents to socialize, exercise, and compete with each other.


When residents move into an apartment complex, they often want to get to know their neighbors. Property-wide barbecues or games nights can help build a sense of community, so these high-end amenities provide the space for tenants to do just that.