Hop shoots are the most underlooked crop with huge medical and earning potential.  Hop shoots’ flowers, stems & fruits are all useful in making different articles like:

  • Beer
  • Antibiotic medicines
  • Beverages
  • Aromatic products, etc.’

Do you know hop shoots are high-margin crops that retail for as maximum as Rs 85,000 in the international market? Interested in growing this medicinal crop? Have our best farming mahindra yuvo 575 price tractor around as we share tips to grow this crop from scratch.

Technical Factors Required to Sow, Grow & Harvest Hop Shoots in India

Climatic Conditions

Hops are suitable for growing in an environment with high moisture content. Moreover, there should be enough rainfall to support the growth of these medicinal plants. In addition, provide a sufficient period of warm and sunny days and 120 days minimum without frost.

Hops usually germinate during the month of march. And the best part about these crops is when they are covered in snow; they can handle temperatures as low as -25 degree celsius.

Irrigation & Watering 

For growing quality hop crowns, the soil should be fertile and well-drained. The crop requires frequent watering in the growing stages, but it shouldn’t be up to a level that leads to flooding.

You can supply drip water irrigation to the field, as this doesn’t overflood the fields. Moreover, it provides optimum watering to the crops.

Plantation of Hop Shoots

Choose east and west-facing sites to sow the seeds, as they are favourable for growing good-yielding crops. Moreover, make sure to add shelterbelts to protect the crops or plants from strong currents of winds. Use optimum horsepower tractors with reasonable price like Swaraj tractor 724 price with suitable ploughing implements to prepare the land and attain fine tilth.

Propagation of Seeds

You must sow the hop shoot crown early in the spring. Extract the rhizomes from 3-year-old crowns as they are fully matured. You can propagate the hops from the runners left aside from the crown in the soil surface.

Furthermore, you must chop runners into 6-8 pieces. And in each runner, there are at least 2 sets of buds. Make sure to sow the extracted cuttings immediately. And in case you find it impossible to sow them on time, store them in moist, cool and ventilated spaces. However, avoid using cuttings that appear immature and have diseases.

Fertiliser & Manure

To grow a high-yielding crop, you need to provide an adequate supply of fertilisers & manure. Add nitrogen to support the growth of green & voluminous leaves. And for growing high-quality hop shoots, provide the optimum level of potassium & phosphorus.

Ensure the soil has a sufficient level of manganese, boron & iron for effective yield. Before providing fertiliser to the crop, ensure the following things:

  • Quality of irrigation water
  • Nutrients interactions
  • Soil/foliar tests
  • Hop varieties for cultivation
  • Soil profile & ph level

Moreover, try adding combinations of organic, drip line & granular fertilisers to attain high-yielding crops. 

Harvesting of Hop Shoots

You can use hand-held devices like a sickle or mechanical harvesters to extract the yield. The crop is ready to harvest when the lupin gland is sticky & yellowish, and moreover, the cone is broken.

Talking about the yield, it can vary as per the variety you are growing. You can easily cultivate a maximum of 800-1500 pounds of hop shoots in India when supplied with proper agro resources & conditions.

You should start harvesting the crop via bine first and then move towards the rhizome part.

Before storing them, make sure you dry the hops. You can use any heater or a food dehydrator or maybe put the cones outside in the sun to dry them.

Final Thoughts

India holds tremendous potential to grow & harvest quality hop shoots. Our country has required temperature, soil conditions & agro-resources available to help cultivate this high-margin medical crop.

The govt. of India is slowly stepping in to maximise the cultivation of this crop to grow the income level of small or marginal farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hop Shoots Cultivation

What is the cost of Hop shoots in India?

Ans.  Hop shoots retail for INR Rs. 85,000 per kg in India.

Why are hop shoots so costly in India?

Ans. Hop shoots are costly because there is a huge labour cost involved in growing & harvesting hop shoots in India.

Which country is the biggest producer of hop shoots in India?

Ans. Europe, Britain & Germany are India's leading producers of hop shoots.

Is there any demand for hop shoots in India?

Ans. Yes, due to the increase in demand for craft beer in India, the demand for hop shoot cultivation is eventually leading.

Which are the two popular hop shoots cultivars?

Ans. Aroma hops & bittering hops are two popular hop shoot varieties in India. Aroma hops are less bitter and thus are used to provide aroma and enriching taste to the beer. Whereas, bittering hops, as the name suggests, are very bitter, thus, they provide a bitter taste to the beer.