In order for an air conditioner to last for many years of reliable service, its filters, coils, and fins must be cleaned and oiled periodically. Your air conditioner will become worse and use more energy if you don't do the appropriate maintenance. Having your air conditioner serviced regularly helps keep costs down and your AC in great shape. You can look for Professional Air Conditioning Services in Calgary and hire experts to help you with its maintenance. A little maintenance will keep your AC working well. This blog post will discuss taking care of your AC, so it lasts longer.

Professional Air Conditioning Services in Calgary and Maintenance that an AC Needs

Taking care of your Air conditioner is easy if you know how. For instance, changing filters, cleaning the space around the outdoor unit, etc. Maintenance is important as it improves the overall performance of your air conditioner. You can also hire experts for Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Calgary at least once a year. Doing this will improve the cooling of the AC. Here are some ways you can maintain your AC.

Change Filters  

Your air conditioner won't work as well if the filter is dirty, so install a new one every month during the cooling season for both central and window units (or clean them if they're washable).

Check the filter's minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, which ranges from 1 to 12 for home AC units. The higher the number, the better it filters (and the more energy needed to pull air through it, so balance air-quality concerns with energy costs).

Fix AC Leaks

Leaks in ducts can waste up to 30% of the airflow, and window AC units are notoriously hard to seal well. Use the old "smoke trick" to find leaks.

If you have a window unit, light a stick of incense and hold it where the unit meets the window frame. Hold the stick near where the ducts connect if you have central air conditioning. If the smoke goes everywhere, you leak. For ductwork, use foil tape to seal small holes and duct mastic for bigger ones. Moreover, for window AC units, stuff foam between the unit and the window frame and tape it as needed.

Use a Timer

You don't have to crank up the AC at work. Install a programmable thermostat on your central air unit to set the temperature higher when you're not there and lower when you are.

Newer window units come with timers and thermostats that can be adjusted. You can also buy a timer at any home store for $10 to $20, but make sure it matches the voltage of your device. Unless you're going on vacation, you shouldn't disable the system. If you do, the air compressor will have to work harder to cool your house when you return.

Service your Condenser

The air compressor and condenser for a central AC system are usually outside the house, close to the foundation. It works best when there are about 24 inches of clear space in all directions, so get rid of nearby shrubs, tall grass, leaves, and hanging branches. You can look for Professional Air Conditioning Services in Calgary and hire experts who can service the condenser. Moreover, it is best to install condensers or window units on your house's north or east side or build a screen to block the sun from them. They work up to 10% less well if you put them in direct sunlight.

Keep your AC Unit Cool

Your air conditioner will last longer if you keep the blinds or shades down during the day. You can also put up awnings over south-facing windows to protect them from the sun. Moreover, if you want to move the cool air around better, try running the air conditioner with floor or ceiling fans.

Perform Annual AC Maintenance 

If you have central air conditioning, the dealer who installed it or a local one should put you on a yearly cleaning schedule that goes beyond just changing the filters. Schedule this checkup before the cooling season starts, or do it now if you didn't do it earlier this year. Make sure it includes the following tasks:

  • Coils being cleaned and checked
  • Filters can be cleaned or replaced.
  • Putting on and taking off fan belts
  • The motors and bearings need to be oiled.
  • Cleaning and checking blowers and fans
  • Controls and safety measures are checked.
  • checking the pressures and the refrigerant
  • Making sure the temperatures are right.

Get Airflow

When too many interior doors are closed, central air conditioning systems get out of balance, which means less air flows through the house. Apart from this, hire experts for Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Calgary as it can also improve the airflow. In addition, it may enhance the standard of air within a building.

Upgrade for Efficiency

Federal laws say that air conditioners have to be much more energy efficient than they were ten years ago. For central air conditioners, look for the seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER); for window units, look for the energy-efficiency ratio (EER). SEER has to be 13, and EER has to be 8, but machines with higher numbers will cost less.

If you are looking for experts for air conditioner installation, maintenance, or other services, you can contact A.T. Furnace. We have a team of trained and experienced professionals who will care for your HVAC systems.