Adamas World School is the CBSE school in North 24 Parganas. The Spirit of Adamas is the spirit of enlightenment that imparts comprehensive education through graded pedagogical learning from a child to an adult who is responsible, wise, and knowledgeable. Every child is having the right to education. Being a parent is a significant life event that offers joy and a great deal of responsibility. A child's education is an essential component that shapes many elements of their life. 

Getting your child accepted into a CBSE school in North 24 Parganas is the first step in the process because there, in addition to receiving academic intelligence, they will also experience total growth. One of the parents' first duties is choosing a school for their children. Numerous schools frequently excel in some areas of education while falling short in others.

Factors to be considered

But how can you pick a school that encourages your child to perform better while still catering to their needs? You should take into account the following factors while choosing a CBSE school in North 24 Parganas for your child:

1.  Endorsed by an established education board

Every school must meet the fundamental criteria of having its application accepted by a recognized body. The requirements for being a quality school are met by accredited schools. You can carefully examine many message boards to learn their rules and decide which is ideal for your youngster.

2. Modules of instruction and extracurricular activities

Education today involves more than just books and lectures. E-learning and practical courses have found a place in academic modules, which have changed in shape. You can choose what interests you from the curriculum and extracurricular activities offered by schools by visiting their websites or using social media.

3. The Management

The real heart and soul of the school, the Management, has the power to make or ruin it. Make sure the school's administration has adequate experience and sufficient educational training. Inexperienced hands will hinder the school's operation and delay the student's learning. People with enough experience running schools are familiar with the obstacles encountered in a day-to-day school setting.

4. The curriculum and co-curricular activities

In today's educational environment, the term "curriculum" refers to the entirety of students' experiences throughout the educational process rather than just books and notebooks.

The school's curriculum should be child-centered, emphasizing teaching and practicing fundamental learning abilities and life skills, including English conversation, critical thinking, and personality development. Co-curricular activities are essential to the school's academic program and support students' development. They support the development of students' moral character, intellectual and social abilities, and personality.

5. Location and Timings

Your residence shouldn't be too distant from the school. The site shouldn't be remote or isolated and should be simple to get to. A school shouldn't be located near a highway because of the risk to the pupils and the level of pollution. The time a child spends traveling between home and school should be kept to a minimum. Verify in advance whether or not the school offers transportation. If both parents are employed, they must ensure that the school hours coincide with their working hours.

6. Security and Safety

All kids need to feel secure while attending school. Since children spend a lot of time in school, it is essential to consider their safety. They can explore, learn, and grow freely in a secure setting. Parents should be informed of the safety measures implemented at the school and should enroll their children in the classrooms where the most qualified teachers are in charge.


There are so many factors that you can't avoid while choosing a school. Once your kid starts schooling, you cannot frequently change schools. So, this article has summed up all the factors to consider while selecting a school for your kids. Adamas World School is the CBSE school in North 24 Parganas. This school provides all the facilities you look for in a school.