It actually might sound wrong or cheesy to you, but it's very true! If you are hitting the day everyday without having a plan or a workout chart then you have very less chances of achieving your fitness goals. 

In order to get the best possible results, you need to do exercise with full Intention. And this requires a proper plan or a workout chart that is designed and made in such a way that it takes you closer to your goals everyday. 

Now if you are someone who can’t hire a persona; trainer or get a paid personalised workout chart yourself, you need not to worry. We got you! 

As you scroll down, you will find out what are the things you need to keep in mind while preparing a workout chart plus we have provided a sample of an absolutely free 4-week beginner workout chart for gym for you. Isn’t it great?? So shall we get started?

Check out all the details below and be ready to crush your fitness goals with it.

What are the things to keep in mind while preparing a workout chart for gym?

When you are thinking of preparing a workout chart, you need to first consider all the things that are mentioned below:

  1. Very first, determine your goal
  2. Secondly, determine how much you realistically have to workout
  3. Choose your best workout split and get it ready on calender
  4. Now plan your workouts
  5. Just evaluate with your progress and adapt your workout program

Sample of an amazing 4-week workout chart for gym for beginners

This chart is actually not just for the beginners who are starting for the first time with a workout but also for those who are already doing it or have taken a long leave from training. We wonder how long it's been since you have gone to the gym, 1 week? 1 month? 3 months? Or even more, you have to take no worries. The following routine and workout chart given below will help you to get back on track and we know you guessed it. Just in 4 weeks!! Let's get it started and get back to work.

Sneak peak of the workout chart for gym:

Week 1- Full Body Split

Week 2- Two-Day Split : Upper Body/ Lower Body

Week 3- Three-Day Split : Push/Pull Legs

Week 4- Four-Day Split : Full Body

Now check out the detailed per week schedule below.


This workout program begins with a full-body split. Not only one, but you have to train and work on all major parts of the body in each workout. In this first week, you need to train for three weeks in which you will perform just one exercise per body part in each of the sessions. It's also very important to take a day off for rest between each workout. This helps and allows your body to heal and recover. So this way it makes your training to be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with three rest days in between and of course Saturday and Sunday also which is a perfect approach.

The exercises that have to be done in first 1 are pretty basic moves with some advanced lifters as well. You will be doing three sets of all the exercises per workout which with the increasing weeks adds up to 9 sets total for every body part, which is a pretty good number for your purpose. There is an exception for crunches of the abs with 8 to 12 sets. This is a good way to start your first week by working on each bodypart.


You have only trained one week till now, yet you are going to train differently on different body parts with the two-day split training in the second week. This means the entire body is trained for 2 days rather than one, like we did in the first week. This week, you are going to train for 4 days. Two days includes upper body training ie. Monday and Thursday whereas two days include lower body training ie. Tuesday and Friday iin which each body part is twice trained. Three days that are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will completely be your rest days.

In this some exercises from week 1 will be the same whereas one move will be added for each of the body part workout with the exception of abs. Chest will have two exercises namely Compound Movement and Isolation Exercise. This week will work on training more extensively on body parts. 


This is the third week in which training of all the ‘pushing’ parts are done which are triceps, shoulders and chest. 

Day 1 includes hit the ‘pulling’ body parts ie. back biceps. 

Day 2 includes training of abs

On day 3 focus on lower body ie. glutes, hamstrings, squads, calves.

In this week, each body part is twice trained so a total of six days of hitting the gym and one rest day.

One new exercise will also be again added this week in the routine to provide more angles which is to target to train muscles for the overall development. 


As this is the last week of the training routine, you will be training four days for a four-day split in which you will hit each body just once. Exceptions are abs and calves which will be trained twice. Four day split is also preferred by experienced lifters as it involves training of 2-3 body parts per workout which gives the ample and right attention to muscle groups and to do training with higher intensity.

Any new exercise is not added in this week 4 so to focus extensively on the intensity of the workout and not to learn new moves. 

This 4-week program is one of the most ideal workout chart for gym as on completion of this 4-week program, you will now be entitled to go to the next level.

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Hitting the gym with the right workout plan is very important. Working and training on each body part with the correct number of exercises is crucial to avoid any injuries. Planning and preparing a workout routine is vital to achieve the target fitness goal and to help you with that we have provided detailed information on things to consider and an amazing sample of a 4-week training program which is your perfect workout chart for gym.