You have purchased an flight itinerary for a Schengen visa online and know you are in doubt if it is authentic or original. Well, there’s no need to worry as you can check the status of your flight reservation online. The method is extremely simple. Here’s how you check the status of your itinerary online:

Open the Link to the Airlines’ Website

You will type the URL of that website in the browser against which you have been issued tickets. Now click on plan and book or your booking or my booking link on the website. 

Type 6-digit Unique PNR Code

In the second step, you will type a unique 6-digit alpha-numeric code in the tab. Likewise, you’ll also type your last name or family name here. The new window now open will show your trip details. 

If the itinerary for Schengen Visa is fake. Then, no details will emerge. 

Should You Buy An Actual Ticket or Dummy Ticket for Visa Application

If you are submitting your visa application, then, attach an itinerary for Schengen Visa or a dummy air ticket for a Schengen visa.

If your visa application gets approved, you can convert your verifiable flight itinerary into an actual flight ticket. If the opposite happens, you will only lose a very petty sum of money. 

From where you can buy an itinerary for a Schengen visa?

You can buy an itinerary for a Schengen visa from a trusted online company. It will cost you something between $25 to $30 for a Schengen flight reservation. You can also buy an itinerary or a dummy ticket from your nearby travel agent. The same will then cost you something between $25 to $30. 

If you are traveling in groups, you can ask for discounts. 

Why Do You Need To Submit An Itinerary For A Schengen Visa Along With The Application?

An itinerary for a Schengen visa gives an idea of the official plan of travel. For instance, it tells the visa officer which places you intend to stay and the amount of time to you plan to spend at a specific place. For increasing your chances of getting your visa approved, always submit a two-way itinerary or a return air ticket with your visa application. 

A two-way ticket or flight reservation for visa ensures the visa officer that you have no intention to stay in the host nation illegally. It also highlights that as soon as your visit concludes, you will return back to your country as important matters are waiting for you here. Lately, European countries – especially, the Schengen states – have been hit hard by the migrant waves from across Africa and Asia. These immigrants have put great pressure on their economies so much so that they are running out of reserves. 

To address this concern, one of the policies that they have put in place is that of strict scrutiny of visa applications. This way the visa officers ensure that only genuine applications get approved and those people who want to use this procedure as the gateway to sneaking into the Schengen Area remain at bay. 

Usually, you can remain in the Schengen area for up to 90 days within a 180-day cycle. It means you can’t stay over 3 months within any 6-month given period. You can use this timeframe or collectively or you can stay in parts; it solely depends on your needs. Your needs can be that of a tourist, of a businessman, or for medical reasons.