There is a special kind of class in today's era,

Which use Critical language at the Companions of the Holy prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him۔

The Companions who hold a high position among Muslims are as follows

Hazrat Abubakar

Hazrat Umar

Hazrat Usman

Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Moaviya

Hazrat Hassan 

Hazrat Hussein

In such a situation, if someone insults them, the feelings of the Muslims are greatly hurt۔

Something for the same reason Some scholars continue to describe the glory of the Companions۔

Mufti Saeed Arshad is the foremost among them.

Apart from this, Mufti Saeed Arshad was also associated with Pakistan Rah Haq Party

While today Mufti Sahib Maulana Masroor is with Nawaz

Mufti Saeed Arshad has a unique style become of he wears a special cap

which design with diamonds nugs

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Who is

Mufti Saeed Arshad is an Islamic naat or poem artist who makes poems on the holly prophet Muhammad; peace be upon him, And also on companions(Shabha Ikram) of the Holy prophet 

These days when the internet does not come to Pakistan

people use a Cassette tape recorder 

so Muslims listen to naat from Cassette

so artists record their voices in studios and send these on market

the main point of the market was Raiwind ijtama

Where there were many stalls

so people buy there.

Many artists emerged during this time, including Mufti Anas, Hafiz Abu Bakr Madani, Asif Rashidi, and many other naat artists.

Birthday Of Mufti Saeed Al Hussaini


According to an estimate, the age of Mufti Sahib is forty years.

Mufti Saeed Arshad Nickname

There are a lot of fans of mufti sahib, Like from Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, UAE, and many Other countries.

Fan Calls Him MSA Alhussani 

Fan following of mufti Saeed Arshad 

In 2002, Mufti Saeed Arshad Got 1M+ Fan followers around the World.

Also MSA Alhussani Got 500M+ Veiws On thier YouTube Channel

Social Accounts of Mufti Saeed Arshad 

Mufti Saeed Arshad has Gone Famous Every Day; people are following him on Social Accounts.

These accounts are From YouTube or Facebook Social Sites

I will give you some information

simply by Searching Mufti Saeed Arshad's Official on YouTube or Facebook Search bar.

You will easily find out.

Mufti Saeed Arshad Style 

Mufti Saeed Arshad has a unique style in which he wears a cap and also a turban(pagri)

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