You can transition to an online personal training business in a few comparatively simple stages thanks to the wide range of technology solutions and virtual training programmes that are accessible.

This manual will serve as your cheat book as you move your company toward a virtual training dynamic, preferably without too much suffering.

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So with that, let's get started straight away! Following the jump links below will take you to each section:

My Introduction to Training Clients Virtually

  • How to Launch a Personal Training Business Online
  • Comparison of Prewritten Programs vs Online Training
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Personal Training Billing Factors for Your Business Preparing Client Documentation Concluding Thoughts + Additional Resources

An Outline of My Entry into the World of Personal Training

In 2001, I earned my NASM certification as a personal trainer. I had a job at the college gym while I was a student, then I had an internship at a Houston area gym. After graduating, I continued my training there.

Seven years into my career, I quit the gym and began training customers in their homes. We are all aware of how awful it is to lose customers because of a move or an unavoidable change in availability.

In order to continue the hard work we had begun together, we conducted our training sessions online in 2014 when one of my clients was moving. This was the turning point for my online training company.

Six years later, the procedure has been streamlined, and I'm now prepared to impart my experience to others. Like any change in the workplace, there have been growing pains and other unforeseen challenges. Overall though, this has been a fantastic career step for me and a helpful service for my customers.


Launching an online personal training business requires: To guide your training sessions, you must first choose the proper technology, gadget, and fitness software. The next thing to do is to layout your virtual workstation. Finally, make sure you have the fitness equipment required to efficiently coach your clientele.

Let's dissect each element of establishing your business in turn, starting with technology, moving on to the size of your workspace, the tools you'll need, and finishing with lighting and working environment considerations!

You Will Need Technology for Your Online Training Business

Posing for the camera as an online personal trainer

The idea of expanding your company online to provide virtual training services could initially seem extremely daunting. But don't let your apprehension about the future prevent you from taking a constructive action.enter the revolutionary world of online personal training.

I've spent a lot of time perfecting the procedure to make virtual services convenient and worthwhile for my customers as well as profitable and effective for myself. I've taken the time to outline my top strategies in a way that will demonstrate to you how this may be a simple and very lucrative business decision for you. First things first, I'll show you how to confidently set up your online training environment.

You need two devices to set up your virtual training environment:

As you explain exercises and watch your client during the session, you will use one device as a camera, such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.On the second device, the client's workout information, including completed reps and other pertinent information, will be entered. When it comes to these things, you don't have to spend a lot of money. It suffices to have a single device with a camera and one that can run a word processing programme.