Gosling is one of several trendy male celebs wearing chocolate-colored clothing off the red carpet, such as Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, and Tom Hiddleston.

Brown suits were once considered old-fashioned and only worn by propromgoersd and used car dealers. In actuality, they were a joke.

Why, then, are brown suits returning thanks to the men's fashion elite? When INSIDER asked some tailors, they explained why having a brown suit in your closet was essential.

The return of 1970s fashion

The 1970s fashion is making a solid comeback with corduroy, vivid designs, silk shirts, air ties, and brown suits.

There is a desire to depart a little from the conventional, claims Hunter.

"Either brighter shirts will show it out, or we've noticed a significant shift toward lighter, richer colors of blue [suits] that you wouldn't have seen ten years ago.

Guys are accustomed to the navies and the charcoals; as a result, they feel a little more at ease spreading out.

The owners of Jack Davison Bespoke, London tailors Jack Stammers and Will Davison, claim to have long been admirers of brown: "As a wonderful alternative to grey and navy, we prefer to recommend it to our clientele. According to Colin Hunter, CEO and co-founder of custom menswear company Alton Lane, "Mad Men," a popular drama series set in the 1960s and 1970s, is primarily to blame for the resurgence of the brown suit.

He continues by saying that recent changes in ideas regarding fashion have freed males, which has resulted in their preference for more striking hues, patterns, and textures.

It's one of the most specific colors to wear, and a little bit pushes the envelope without becoming garish.

Shade is everything.

The experts caution against applying any old shade of brown, though. Hunter states, "I constantly try to steer our clients on either side of the bell curve."

Go much lighter, like oatmeal, or toward my favorite end, like a deep espresso; this rich brown may make it difficult to determine from across the room if it's just a black suit.

The middle of the color spectrum, which resembles milk chocolate, is one hue Hunter advises you to steer clear of since it is "that kind of softer, really orangey brown."

The average man would certainly never wear a suit like that again, Hunter continues. "Some celebrities have done that, and they can get away with it because they're superstars.

Although Stammers and Davison also tend toward the darker end of the range, they assert that there is more room to experiment with lighter blazer colors to contrast your bottom half.

Even more crucial than your go-to clothes is the cut.

A brown suit makes a statement rather than a standard like a navy, grey, or black suit. As a result, your fit must complement your fashion preference.

Fit becomes more crucial, according to Hunter. The lighter the suit fabric, the more of a statement you're attempting to make.

You may get away with a more conventional cut for your standard navy suit. Still, if you want to make a statement with a color like brown, light grey, or windowpane, your suit must tailor because attention will direct to your attire.

If a custom suit is out of your price range, Hunter advises spending the extra cash to get an off-the-rack suit tailored to fit your physique perfectly.

How to style a brown suit

Should you leave your accessories at home if your suit makes the statement? No, but according to our specialists, you should keep them in check.

It's not unusual to see a white pocket square, according to Hunter. "I think I'd probably choose that. I wouldn't wear a large, eye-catching silk pocket square."

You can use the colors from your suit or tie or both for your pocket square, according to Stammers and Davison. They advise pairing a light powder blue shirt with a navy tie, although Hunter claims you can experiment with different shirt colors the darker the suit's brown hue is.

When I've arranged photo shoots, I've gone with a white shirt and a navy tie because, according to Hunter, the suit makes a statement, not the accessories.

He continues by advising against wearing ties in the colors of orange, crimson, or purple since they will clash with your suit.