The Blue Town Sapphire is the latest project of the Blue Group of Companies. The housing societies and commercial centers developed by this group are increasing in demand and are the most popular among the people. Therefore, developers have now come up with a new project in Lahore for their clients to get high profits by investing in this project. The society in discussion presents a complete lifestyle for the residents and features the most attractive facilities and amenities. So, in this article, we will discuss the top 7 amenities and facilities available in Blue Town Sapphire.

Blue Town Sapphire Highlights

Before discussing the top 5 amenities and facilities of Blue Town Sapphire, it is imperative to know the basic introduction of the society. As we have mentioned, the project is being developed by the BGCs. But they are not the only developers of this housing society. The company is doing work in collaboration with many other known dealers for fast construction and development of this project. 

Moreover, Lahore will be the most affordable society that will feature all the international standards, amenities, and facilities. Investors from all financial backgrounds can invest in society and book a plot. In addition, the location of this project is in the heart of a tremendous city that no one can ignore. 

Location Overview

The location of Blue Town Sapphire is the ideal place in Lahore. It is present adjacent to the zero-point and National Highway N-5. It is also adjacent to the Manga Raiwind Road. We all know that the success of any real estate project and business depends on the location. So, developers of any housing project always try to find the best location for developing a new project. 

Further, it is also significant to mention that the return on investment (ROI) also depends on the location. The premium location can attract more investors and the public, which will benefit the future. In addition, if the society is in the vicinity of the major commercial centers, the chances of profit get doubled. So, Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Location is the best in this respect. 

Blue Town Sapphire Amenities and Facilities

Now let's move towards the main topic of discussion, which is the availability of the top 7 facilities and amenities in Blue Town Sapphire. So, let's explore these facilities and amenities:

  • 24/7 Basic Utilities

The first basic but the most important facility in Blue Town Sapphire is the 24/7 basic utilities. The aim of the developers is to offer all the facilities and amenities to the residents so they can enjoy a complete lifestyle. Therefore, they have ensured the supply of basic utilities at the doorstep. Gas lines, drainage pipelines, water pipelines, and electricity lines are all designed, constructed, and sealed underground. So, this infrastructure is a good initiative that makes society safer and more beautiful from all perspectives. 

  • Planned Drainage system

If a drainage system in a society is not good, it fails from all perspectives. The next blue town sapphire facility is a well-planned drainage system. An efficient and working system has the maximum potential that defines the development status of society. So, the expert engineers have designed the drainage system to withstand heavy rain storms. In addition, it can also cope with the heavy waste developed in society. 

  • Medical Facilities

Due to its medical amenities, this society will be unique. The best medical care would be offered to Blue Town Sapphire Lahore's citizens. Modern technology will be used in these facilities. The medical and non-medical teams will be highly skilled to provide excellent care around the clock.

With the aid of skilled employees and medical professionals, these test centers, hospitals, and clinics can effectively treat many patients. There won't be any problems with workload or patient load at the hospital.

  • Educational Institutions

Educational institutions will be one of the most significant components of this prestigious society. These bodies are essential to the mental development of children's immature minds so that they can join a civilized society and enjoy fulfilling lives.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore will also include the following:

  • Daycare Centers
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Recreational Parks and Spaces

A lavish lifestyle necessitates healthy living practices. For this, the builders of the Blue Town Sapphire Lahore have been creating greenery, lawns, gardens, parks, and other such spaces that will serve as a defining feature of the community and exhibit the society's beauty.

For other societies and projects in Pakistan, its roads and other associated infrastructure will serve as an example. This will be made feasible by Blue Town's introduction of unique infrastructures that effectively serve the citizens.

  • Legal Development Work

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore NOC is granted by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), and it is an approved project with all the facilities and amenities available. As the society has legal documents, all the development and construction work in this society is allowed. 

  • Safety and Security

Last but not least facility available in society is the round-the-clock availability of safety and security in society. Blue Town Sapphire LDA-approved society has all you need to offer you at the best price with the most convenient payment plans.

In the article, we have discussed the top 7 facilities and amenities available in Blue Town Sapphire. All these are basic and essential to living a standard golden lifestyle. So, for us, this society has it all. It is a one-stop shop for all your basic needs.


After the basic introduction of the society and its location highlights, we have discussed the top 7 facilities and amenities available in it. All these facilities are required to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the basic facilities of society. So, we highly suggest you invest in this society and enjoy everything you deserve. Also, you can consider investing in Citi Housing Kharian, the best housing society in the Gujrat and Jhelum districts.