Are you interested in working as a medical lab technician? Do you wish to take a career-focused course in the medical sciences after finishing your intermediate or 10+2 coursework? Afterward, a career in medical laboratory technology would be an excellent choice. The primary responsibility of medical laboratory technologists, who receive work referrals from doctors, is to diagnose diseases in patients. The health care sector offers very challenging and fascinating job opportunities. The entire course also teaches one technique, which includes the use of electric lab equipment, keeping track of patients, and monitoring progress. Students get knowledge on how to conduct a test for identifying and treating illnesses. There are abundant career options after completing B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology, some of the popular jobs are listed below-

1 Become a Laboratory Technician

Utilizing standardised testing equipment, laboratory technicians are responsible for collecting, receiving, labeling, and/or analysing samples. In accordance with standard operating protocols, they are required in carrying out laboratory tests. For the freshers, this is a good job profile to start that pays enough to cover day to day expenses. It comes with many perks as well.

2 Become a Medical Record Technician 

Medical Record Technicians are in charge of maintaining medical records operations by abiding by policies and procedures, initiating medical records by looking up patients in the master patient index, reporting necessary changes, and ensuring medical record availability by routing records. If you are good at keeping records then after getting your degree from any of the BMLT colleges in Kolkata, you can easily go for this well paying job.

3 Become a Blood Bank Technician 

A blood bank technician interacts with patients and blood donors. Their main duties include gathering blood and other components, labeling and storing them in accordance with protocols, and getting them ready for transfusion. They also perform testing and analysis on various samples, evaluate potential donors, and keep thorough records at labs. It is an important job and they work directly with the doctors and deal with the families of the patients. With experience, the blood bank technicians start making good money by getting hired at the hospitals. 

4 Become a Laboratory Manager

The lab managers are in charge of scheduling tests and reviewing results and reports for any anomalies. Additionally, they assist in the recruitment and effective training of new hires. The laboratory managers make a good money from the beginning of their hiring.

5 Advance your Degrees 

The further study may include different courses like- the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Medical Lab Technology, the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Clinical Microbiology, the Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Medical Lab Technology, the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Nuclear Medicine Technology, and the PGD in Lab Services in Science. There are a lot of scopes available for people who have B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology. 

Clinical laboratory science, commonly referred to as medical laboratory technology, is frequently used to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases through clinical laboratory testing. Additionally, graduates of reputable B.Sc. MLT schools will have in-depth knowledge of how clinical laboratory tests are used to recognise, treat, and diagnose diseases and other medical issues. As a result, there is a huge need for MLT specialists in industries including hospitals, research facilities, the military, etc. Students in the B.Sc. The Medical Lab Technology program learn how to conduct the tests that are used to identify and cure diseases. The training also gives students the know-how to operate sophisticated equipment to carry out precise laboratory testing. Additionally, this region is anticipated to experience a predicted increase of 19% by 2025, according to the Statistics.